“First concept, then design”. This is something that really means a lot to us: we use our expertise to find the most cutting-edge solutions to every challenge, working close to our client and trying to get exactly what they want. We deliver the best, most effective communication. We want to tell stories, your stories.


We are Ideology  Creative Studio, a team of professionals that provides web and digital communication services. We look for the most innovative and efficient solution to create the best communication, and to get quick and concrete results. We use our expertise to define the market and its needs, with the purpose of deliveringthe most effective service for our clients. From insights to content. First concept, then design.


First impression is the only thing that matters: it’s important to be remarkable and competitive. Our challenge is not just to sell some given product. We want to tell stories that can move consumers and bring them closer to your brand.


Through our collaboration with HP Graphic Solutions and its printing technologies, we give brands the chance to take advantage of the power of personalization in order to increase the creative and economic potential of certain product. Therefore, the brand can exploit the opportunity to the greatest possible extent, with strategic communication solutions and custom storytelling.


Our goal is helping brands grow fast, gathering every piece of information that can be useful to define a dinamic and competitive strategy. The simple concept of marketing must be overcome, since business growth depends on many other aspects, such as data analysis, engagement’s enhancement, creation of quality content, and most importantly fostering of co-creation together with consumers.


Strategy and creativity are the key ingredients to create successfull campaigns with valuable contents. We map out every aspect of the brand to customize them in order to meet the consumers’ needs, so that every service may be user-friendly and relevant. This also includes an accurate design of exihibitions and showrooms, which must be engaging as well as functional, in order to create an immersive experience. That is why Ideology makes use of the skills of qualified professionals, such as exihibition and visual designers, that carefully take care of every detail, from material choices to lighting design. They are assisted by external partners to develop the executive project, like Tensosystem, that has successfully designed and built indoor & outdoor structures for over 25 years.


We analyse consumers’ behaviour, to learn about their browsing habits and define the most effective strategy to make users interact with your brand. Data driven marketing exploits users’ data to create communication strategies that can adapt to the specific needs of each and every target. Processing this big amount of data through machine learning technologies, we can develop multi-channel campaigns, in order to acquire and keep clients. The key word is once again: personalization. The purpose of a well-structured marketing campaign is making profit. That is the reason why our HP solutions give also the opportunity to estimate the return of investment about digital printing.


Every object will soon play a bigger role in our everyday life, thanks to the internet. We are capable of optimise this new technology to develop custom apps that can suit your company’s needs. Moreover, information acquired through the use of any technology is sensitive data recorded and utilised by companies to develop future marketing strategies or inside statistics. For this reason, they need to be updated to comply the most recent GDPR regulations about privacy and security. Thanks to our collaboration with Teambit, leader in the field, we can optimise Cyber security activities from companies, to protect your clients that now more than ever are exposed to the risk of cyber attack.


Storytelling is the most powerful way to get your clients’ attention: with video, 2D and 3D features we can create successful campaigns that can move consummers and bring them closer to your brand.


We develop company marketing designing appealing websites and apps, that are always smooth and responsive. Every interface is carefully designed to be intuitive as well as elegant and consistent with the client’s needs. User experienc and user interface design is fundamental to develop a modern, appealing website that comply with users’ necessities.

3D & XR

We create interactive solutions to add value to our clients’ products. Animations, 3D modellation and motion graphic can improve videos, commercials and every other multimedia content. Moreover, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the latest trend in digital marketing: among the many possible uses there is exihibition design, which can really take advantage of this technology in order to create a new, interactive connection with people. These technologies’ potential is pretty much infinite: the real issue is figuring out what is the better way to develop it and use it to promote your brand.


Our strategy is based on a strong cooperation: we work as a team to make sure that our content are always strong, dynamic and studied in every detail. We constantly take our creativity to the next level in order to create custom solution to every client’s needs.


Head of mascotte

Davide Savasta

Founder & Creative Director

Rosario Selvagio

PR & Sales Manager

Marco Guastella

Project Manager & Sales Manager

Enrico Guastella

Project Manager & Sales Manager

Cristina Moretti

Business Development Manager

Damiano Criscione


Simone Nicita

Social Media Strategist

Alessio Di Mauro

Social Media Manager

Filippo Nisi

SEO / SEM Specialist

Simona Pulino

Art Director Sr & Illustrator

Virginia Boncoraglio

Art Director & Product Designer

Alessia Iacono

Graphic Design & Illustrator

Peppe Occhipinti

Graphic Designer & Video Maker

Francesca Russo

Motion Designer & Illustrator

Anna Schembari


Andrea Assenza

3D Artist & Animator

Iryna Sachko

Web Design & UI/UX

Ivan Fabbri

App & Web Developer

Daniel Vello

Web Developer & IT Security

Irene Nobile


Giulia Foti

PR & Legal

Manuel Camilleri

Event Planner

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